ACEPS-9 : The 9th Asian Conference on Electrochemical Power Sources 2017 / August 20 ~ 23, 2017 / HICO, Gyeongju, Korea

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Transportation and Accessibility
Situated in southeastern Korea, Gyeongju is accessible by two major international airports.

When you come

1) 5 ways to get to Gyeongju

During the conference, free shuttle buses will run from Singyeongju Station to HICO and from Gimhae Airport to HICO. The Schedule of Free-Shuttle Buses ›

Main Distances( -> HICO)
- Singyeongju Station (KTX): 21 km
- Gyeongju Station (Mugunghwa Line): 9.8km
- Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal (Limousine bus from Gimhae Int’l Airport): 11km
- Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal (Limousine bus from Incheon Int’l Airport): 11km
- Gimhae Int’l Airport: 90 km

2) Getting to HICO

1 Singyeongju Station → HICO More detail ›
2 Gyeongju Intercity / Express Bus Terminals → HICO More detail ›
3 Gyeongju Station → HICO More detail ›

※ Above information is current as of April 2017 but subject to change by transportation authorities or companies without prior notice.

When you leave

1 KTX: Singyeongju → Incheon Int’l Airport More detail ›
2 Airport Limousine Bus: Gyeongju → Incheon Int’l Airport More detail ›
3 Transfer in Seoul: Singyeongju (KTX) → Seoul Station(AREX) →
Incheon Int’l Airport
More detail ›

Useful Korean Words

* * If it is hard to pronounce Korean words, please show Korean words to taxi drivers.

Please go to HICO.
[Korean speaking] HICO ga ju sae yo.
[Korean writing] HICO 로 가 주세요.
Please go to Gyeongju bus terminal.
[Korean speaking] Gyeongju bus terminal ga ju sae yo.
[Korean writing] 경주 버스 터미널로 가 주세요.
Please go to Singyeonju Train Station.
[Korean speaking] Sin Gyeon Ju yeok ga ju sae yo.
[Korean writing] 신경주역으로 가주세요.